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Posted in June 2008

New courses added

There are new courses available of the master programmes
NanoScience and BioMechatronics and the track Technology in Sustainable

In the last week we have added a couple of new courses:

  • Advanced Statistical Mechanics
    course is the first course of NanoScience pilot. This course deals with
    ensemble theory, noninteracting classical and quantum systems and much
  • Bio Mechatronics
    is a contraction of biomechanics and mechatronics. In this course the
    function and coordination of the human motion apparatus is the central
    focus, and the design of assistive devices for the support of the
    function of the motion apparatus.
  • Biomedical Engineering Design
    course presents a design philosophy and a design approach, dedicated to
    rehabilitation technology. This field was selected because of
    human-machine interaction is inherent and vital. Illustrative examples
    will be discussed by their entire design proces.
  • Technics and Future
    This is the first course of the track Technology in Sustainable Development.
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