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Posted in September 2008

New courses added

Yesterday and today 4 more courses have been added to our OpenCourseWare website.

The added courses are:

  • Solar Cells from the MicroElectronics program.
    Advanced semiconductor devices as a new source of energy for the 21st
    century, which deliver electricity directly from sunlight. The suitable
    semiconductor materials, device physics, and fabrication technologies
    for solar cells are presented. The guidelines for design of a complete
    solar cell system for household application are explained. The cost
    aspects, market development, and the application areas of solar cells
    are presented.
  • Technology and Global Development from the Sustainable Development program.
    Rich and poor: contrasts, how these contrasts came to be, and current developments.
  • Technology Dynamics & Transition Management from the Sustainable Development program.
    This version of the subject Technology Dynamics and Transition
    Management was tought in co-operation with the Harbin Institute of
    Technology in China. At the heart of this module lies a model of
    technology development from a social perspective, which will be applied
    to water problems in present-day China.

  • System Identification and Parameter Estimation from the BioMechatronics program.
    This course is about non-parametric system identification based on
    estimators of spectral densities and its application to open-loop and
    closed-loop systems. Furthermore parameter estimation for linear and
    non-linear systems playes an important role.

For a complete overview of our courses, you can take a look the page AvailableCourses.

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