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Posted in October 2008

10 Universities Offering Free Online Technology Courses

In the article 10 Universities Offering Free Online Technology Courses 10 Universities that offer free online technology courses are mentioned. The Delft OpenCourseWare site is mentioned as second (after MIT):

The Delft University of Technology offers a number of free technology
courses. Most of Delft’s courses cover advanced topics that would be of interest
to students in engineering or related fields. New courses are constantly being
added to the site.

Delft is the only European university that is mentioned in this article. Other universities are: Berkeley, Stanford, Rice, USU, University of Southern Quensland, Dixie State College of Utah, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

How University OpenCourseWare Has Changed the Education World

Logo Education PortalThe Education Portal has published an article about OpenCourseWare:

OpenCourseWare has changed the education world because it has made
learning free for everyone. This article explains how OpenCourseWare
has evolved from an idea into a world wide phenomenon.

Our TU Delft OCW website is mentioned in this article 😉

Interview Anka Mulder about TU Delft OCW

During the OpenEd 2008 conference in Logan, Anka Mulder was interviewed by Mike Caulfield of the OCW Consortium.


Source: OCW Consortium

New course about Mesoscopic Physics

Today we have added a new course in the NanoScience program:

Mesoscopic Physics
Mesoscopic physics is the area of Solid State
physics that covers the transition regime between macroscopic objects
and the microscopic, atomic world.The main goal of the course is to
introduce the physical concepts underlying the phenomena in this field.

View the course Mesoscopic Physics

OCW presentatie at Surf Onderwijsdagen

Surf OWD 2008Op de Surf Onderwijsdagen op 11 november zal Willem van Valkenburg een presentatie verzorgen over OpenCourseWare. Dus ga je naar de Surf OWD en wil je meer weten over OpenCourseWare kom dinsdagmiddag naar de presentatie.

OCW in the media

The TU Delft OpenCourseWare site is regurarly mentioned in articles in the media. Here a selection of the articles:

TU Delft presentation at Open Education Conference

At the 10th Open Education conference in Logan Utah Anka Mulder and Willem van Valkenburg presented de TU Delft OpenCourseWare project.

You can download the presentation here.

OpenCourseWare at TU Delft

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