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Start of second phase Delft OpenCourseWare

In October 2007, TU Delft launched its OpenCourseWare (OCW) website and became a member of the world-wide OpenCourseWare consortium. The pilot phase has laid a solid base for the future. The evaluation of the pilot phase shows that the different external users strongly acknowledge the initiative and that they are vey positive about the quality of the content.
The central board of TU Delft has therefore decided to expand the activities and to approve the second phase (1.1.2009 -31.12.2010) of the OpenCourseWare project. During the second phase, the TU Delft will publish:

  • Around 30 additional and highly recognized master courses (for example in the field of urban water management, transport, and design methodology);
  • Bridging courses for prospective master students;
  • OpenCourseWare materials (science subjects) that are useful for secondary schools;
  • Introductory bachelor courses for new students (study choice).

Also a new website will be developed with allows for more interactivity with the users (for example: communities, feedback, links to other resources and experts).

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