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Posted in February 2009

Executive Director for the OpenCourseWare Consortium

OCWC LogoThe OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC) invites applications and nominations for the role of Executive Director.  

Consortium is a collaboration of more than 250 higher education
institutions and associated organizations from around the world
creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a
shared model.  The organization’s mission is to advance formal and
informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open,
high-quality educational materials organized as courses.  

to the Consortium’s Board of Directors, the Executive Director is
responsible for growing the Consortium membership, delivering clear and
compelling value to its members, representing the OCWC community, and
directing communication about the organization’s goals and
achievements.  The Executive Director will oversee a small staff as
well as contractors working on behalf of the Consortium, coordinate the
work of all committees, and direct all strategic and business planning
processes.  S/he will manage all aspects of Consortium administration
and finances including generating adequate funding, administering the
organization’s budget, developing the Consortium’s infrastructure, and
ensuring the maturation of the organization into a smoothly functioning
independent entity.

Successful candidates will have strong
hands-on management skills, analytic skills, and attention to detail as
well as multi-cultural competency and experience working
internationally.  A collaborative working style and strong
communication skills are necessary, as is the demonstrated ability to
form and maintain strategic partnerships, a belief in the value of open
educational resources, and respect for collaboration, inclusiveness,
transparency, and innovation.  Fundraising experience and skills are
required, as is a master’s degree or higher.

As most of the
work of the OpenCourseWare Consortium is done via electronic tools, the
Executive Director is not required to live and work in any particular
country.  Frequent travel is necessary and so proximity to an airport
is required, as is comfort with an international Board of Directors and
employees, and an ability to fully utilize technology to foster
communication with Consortium members around the globe.

Applications, nominations, and questions should be directed to Katie Dean, Principal, Opus Search Partners via email at

.  Application review begins immediately and will continue until the
position is filled; applications received by March 10, 2009 will be
guaranteed consideration.  The salary range is $80,000 to $110,000
commensurate with experience.

Are we prepared to share at all?

Creating content and not sharing it: why is it so quiet in so many repositories?

In this article: http://www.surfspace.nl/nl/themas/Toetsen/Artikelen/Pages/artikel_reporitories_WinnipsPortier.aspx. Koos Winnips and Stanley Portier wonder why there is not more sharing today with the growth in numbers of online repositories and the popularity of Web 2.0.

As an example of a sharing organization they are mentioning TU Delft OpenCoursWare 

TU Delft OpenCourseWare (http://ocw.tudelft.nl) is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. These courses are related to several Msc programs. An important issue here is that the development of the OpenCourseWare initiative is explicitly supported by the board of directors: “The university’s core tasks include delivering know-how and building knowledge networks in an international context”. Statistical analysis has showed that the TU Delft courses are used in a worldwide context, which makes it an excellent showcase. The university hopes to attract more (international) PhD students by publishing high quality courseware.

Public Hygiene and Epidemiology

The course: Public hygiene and epidemiology of Water Management is one of the courses mentioned in:

100 Open Courses That Anyone Can Take

If you are impassioned about the environment and want to learn more about green topics such as conservation, energy, sustainable development, or global warming, then you will find plenty of free classes in the list below to help expand your knowledge base. The following courses are organized by discipline, but don’t let your English literature background stop you from exploring civil engineering classes. There is plenty of crossover between these courses and various other disciplines.


101 Free Open Course Classes to Learn How to Build Anything

Best Universities top 10 Colleges offers a new list:

101 Free Open Course Classes to Learn How to Build Anything

Open courseware classes offer an academic opportunity to anyone with a computer and the motivation to learn. Maybe literature or history isn’t your thing, though, and you would prefer a more hands-on experience. These classes offer just that with instruction from some of the finest professors teaching how to build anything from a space shuttle to ocean vehicles to robots to theater scenery.

Two courses of Delft OpenEr are mentioned in this list

Offshore Moorings. Learn to design effective offshore moorings systems and be ready to put this knowledge to work with an offshore mooring design team. [Delft University of Technology]

Design of dredging equipment. Study how dredging equipment works in order to be able to design quality dredging equipment with the project in this class. [Delft University of Technology]


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