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News from OCW Consortium blog: Current Events in Context: H1N1 (Mexicaanse griep)

There’s been a lot of speculation about how the H1N1 virus will spread in the upcoming flu season, and how virulent it will be. For a better understanding of the science behind epidemics, what we might expect this fall and how medical systems cope with outbreaks of disease, I’ve pulled together this list of starter resources from Consortium member sites.  Same caveats as last time, though this topic lends itself to a less MIT-centric list.  Please suggest additions if I have missed something on your school’s site.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:
Impact of Pandemic Influenza on Public Health
550.694.81 Fundamentals of Epidemiology I
340.627.81  Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

6.891 Computational Evolutionary Biology
7.340 Under the Radar Screen: How Bugs Trick Our Immune Defenses

University of Nottingham:
Flu pandemic : how prepared are we?

TU Delft:
Public hygiene and epidemiology (CT5420)

Tufts University:
233 Population Health, Spring 2007

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