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Posted in August 2009

OCW Seminar: Program and sign-up form available

Friday, October 9th 2009, TU Delft Bureau OpenER organises an OCW Seminar, to share experiences, show what Open CourseWare has to offer to institutions and to discuss the future of the OCW initiative in the Netherlands.

The program is interesting to both institutions thinking about joining the OCW initiative or wanting to start but don’t know how and institutions who want to participate in shaping the future of the Dutch OCW initiative at the whole.

This Seminar will take place following the Board meeting on Ocotber 7th and 8th of the International OCW Consortium board members. Thus, Mary Lou Forward (Director OCW Consortium) will be the Key-note speaker. The preliminary program can be found here (with reservations).

So, don’t wait any longer and sign up for the OCW Seminar. Participation is free. Coffey, tea, lunch and drinks afterwords will be provided.  More information will follow soon. 

More information: Contact TU Delft Bureau OpenER: ocw@.tudelft.nl

a new Sustainable Development course

We have published a new Sustainable Development course in our Open Courseware

Technology in Sustainable Development

The course is one of the requirements for the specialisation.

Sustainable Development is a growing concern in many research projects and is becoming a more essential element of political and organisational decisionmaking. Technology plays an important role in the approaches to sustainability problems. This course offers further reflection on the basic knowledge currently being taught at almost all faculties of the University.

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