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Posted in November 2009

Column Paul Rullman on OCW

Paul Rullmann (Executive Board TU Delft, Vice President Education) wrote a column (in Dutch) on the position of Dutch Higher Education in OpenCourseWare on SURFspace, a portal for ICT in education and research. OpenCourseWare is conquering the educational world in a high rate. The Netherlands are falling behind, he argues, and should become much more active! 


a new course on Microelectronics: Solid State Physics

Since last week we have added a new course on Microelectronics: Solid State Physics (ET8027)

In the electrical engineering, solid-state materials and the properties play an essential role. A thorough understanding of the physics of metals, insulators and semiconductor materials is essential for designing new electronic devices and circuits. After short introduction of the IC fabrication process, the course starts with the crystallography. This will be followed by the basic principle of the quantum mechanics, the sold-state physics, band-structure and the relation with electrical properties of the solid-state materials. When the material physics has been throughly understood, the physics of the semiconductor device follows quite naturally and can be understood quickly and efficiently.

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