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EVD Grant for development educational programme on Water Supply and Sanitation in Indonesia

The faculty of Civil Engineering obtained a grant from the EVD to develop an educational programme on Water Supply and Sanitation in Indonesia making use of OpenCourseWare. The project is carried out in collaboration with Stichting Wateropleidingen and ITB Bandung, Indonesia and aims at accelerating the achievement of the Millennium Development Water Goals by capacity building in the field of education and research on drinking water production/distribution and waste water collection/treatment through open, practice oriented education and applied research on appropriate water technologies. The project builds on experiences of Delft University of Technology and Stichting Wateropleidingen with educational and research concepts (training the trainer in both technical knowledge and didactical skills, Open CourseWare practice orientedness of trainings, active learning, modelling and cooperative applied research) and aims to make these experiences available in education and research in the Indonesian setting.
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