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Posted in February 2010

TU Delft on iTunes University

From 2 February, you will be able to access TU Delft on iTunes U. This programme will allow you to download and synchronise lectures and infomercials from TU Delft to your iPod or iPhone, giving you constant access to knowledge wherever you are.

The range of information initially available will include lectures on Civil Engineering & Water, Architecture, Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Over the coming months we will continue to add new courses.

Some courses have alreayd been published as OpenCourseWare. There is a slight difference between iTunes and OpenCourseWare: iTunes U offers you the mere lectures, but the OpenCourseWare website shows you the entire course, including activities and exams, putting the mere lectures in context, as they are offered to our own students. So, stay tuned and check out TU Delft on iTunes University from tomorrow, February 2nd, at http://itunesu.tudelft.nl

More information: http://itunesu.tudelft.nl

TU Delft on iTunes University

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