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TU Delft Researchers develop Cheap Weather Stations for Africa

TU Delft researchers have developed a cost-effective network of hydro-meteorological measuring stations that can be used to map water and weather in Africa. Water is very important for Africa. Changes in the climate and in weather conditions can have serious consequences for Africa

Observation from the ground are vital for a good weather forecast. a weather station can better predict the start of the rain season so that  the African farmer can start sowing. It  will allow improved management of agriculture.

Beside this the researchers are developing a cheap water meter. the water meter can measure how fast the water will evaporate in a river of lake.

Niek van der Giessen makes comments on the problem. He also is the lecturer of the course Inleiding Watermanagement: http://ocw.tudelft.nl/courses/watermanagement/inleiding-watermanagement/course-home/

check out the broadcast of Vara Nieuwslicht (in Dutch) YouTube Preview Image

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