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International Open Educational Resources Event in London organised by JISC

Last Friday, 23 July 2010 an International Open Educational Resources Event organised by JISC (http://www.jisc.ac.uk/)  was held in London.

The event showcased us the work of the pilot programme and demonstrated how the UK is working towards the sustainable development and delivery of Open Educational Resources.

The opening Keynote was from Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director of OpenCourseWare Consortium. She showed us the importance of a good cooperation as regards Open Educational Resources, and what has been achieved, national and international.

The subjects of the morning parallel Sessions were:

  • Sustainable practice in OER
  • OER and academic reputation
  • Promoting OER
  • Evaluatin the benefits of OER
  • OER and intellectual property

In the afternoon the visitors of the Event could make a choice from:

  • Discovering OER
  • Communities of practice in OER
  • OER influence outside higher education
  • OER and institutional change
  • OER and accssibility

Fortunately all the sessions were video recorded so how difficult it was to make a choice we can see it all later.

In the morning TU Delft OpenCourseWare visited: Promoting OER

Oxford University demonstrated how their use of multiple delivery channels (podcasts.ox.ac.uk, JorumOpen, iTunes U, Mobile Oxford, WebLearn, virtual learning environment, and departmental websites) helped to maximise the impact and accessibility of their wide range of content and Russell Stannard from Westminster University focused on how he uses social media to boost take-up of his own materials.

Speakers: Peter Robinson (Oxford University), Russell Stannard (Westminster University)

In the afternoon: OER and institutional change

We could discover how OER prompted one institution to re-evaluate the promotion of their new online learning offer, and how others made changes to policies and practice to support ongoing release of OER.

Speakers: Alex Di Savoia and Christina Bunce (University College Falmouth), Steve Stapleton (Nottingham)

The Closing Keynote was from Brian Lamb, Manager, Emerging Technologies and Digital Content of the University of British Columbia’s Office of learning Technology.

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