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New Course added: Geomatics: Acoustic Remote Sensing and Sea Floor Mapping

TU Delft OpenCourseWare just published a new course, called: Acoustic Remote Sensing and Sea Floor Mapping, part of the Geomatics Master.

The two-year Master of Science programme Geomatics started in September 2005 and is jointly operated by three faculties: Aerospace EngineeringCivil Engineering and Geosciences, Technology, Policy and Management.

"The course treats the following topics: – Relevant physical oceanography – Elements of marine geology (seafloor topography, acoustical properties of sediments and rocks) – Underwater sound propagation (ray acoustics, ocean noise) – Interaction of sound with the seafloor (reflection, scattering) – Principles of sonar (beamforming) – Underwater acoustic mapping systems (single beam echo sounding, multi-beam echo sounding, sidescan sonar) – Data analysis (refraction corrections, digital terrain modelling) – Applications (hydrographic survey planning and navigation, coastal engineering) – Current and future developments."

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