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Posted in October 2010

Master Event 2010 (29 november) – Check out Master Courses in advance!

Monday 29 November the TU Delft Master Eent 2010 will take place. The TU Delft Master programmes will present themselves to future Master students. A number of Masters in the programme presentations have published their courses as OpenCourseWare as well. Check them out to already get an idea of what you can expect when you enroll to a TU Delft Masters Course! 

"TU Delft offers over 35 Master’s programmes at the highest level. A Master’s degree from TU Delft will considerably improve your prospects on the (international) job market.

Are you planning to start on one of TU Delft’s Master’s programmes in the next academic year, and would you like to know more about the opportunities available?  Then come to the Master Event, the Master’s information day on Monday 29 November 2010.

At the Master Event, future Master’s students can attend programme presentations, and academic counsellors, Master’s students and Master’s programme coordinators will be at hand at the information market to answer all your questions on your chosen Master’s programme. This is the ideal opportunity to explore the range of programmes provided at TU Delft.



new course added: Delftse Leerlijn Scheikunde module 2 Ecobrandstoffen


Dit is de tweede module van de Delftse Leerlijn Scheikunde voor vwo 4/5/6

Module 1: Ecoreizen is enkele weken eerder gepubliceerd.

De Delftse Leerlijn vwo nieuwe Scheikunde is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de TU Delft en de VNCI (Vereniging voor de Nederlandse Chemische Industrie).

Module 2: Ecobrandstoffen:

 Context van deze module
Zoektocht naar hernieuwbare brandstoffen
  *     Hoe maak je van plantenafval een biobrandstof?
  *     Wat tanken wij in 2020?

 *      Kringlopen, alkanen, alkenen, cycloalkanen, alkanolen, koolhydraten, structuurisomeren, biobrandstoffen, DNA, genetische modificatie en fermentatie.

 *       Zoekopdrachten en bronnen bestuderen.
 *       Bio-ethanol maken met het Delftse reizende DNA-lab ‘Racen met wc-papier’
 *       Contextvragen beantwoorden.

New Course added: Policy and Decision Models

A new course has been published: Policy and Decision Models (by Dr. Ir. Scott Cunningham) is the second course in the Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA) program of the faculty of TPM. A short desciption:

The course is a survey of models for analyzing and supporting design and decision-making in multi-actor settings. Participants:

  • Will learn to recognize the difference between games and decisions, and will identify their occurrence in public policy.
  • Will be able to apply a principled technique for resolving dilemmas through the appropriate selection of policies.
  • Will learn to formulate, design and communicate games and decisions.
  • Will learn to implement by computer (and otherwise logically analyze) games and decisions.


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