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Posted in January 2011

TU Delft OpenCourseWare visit in Denmark

UPDATE: VIA University College Denmark is moving ahead with OpenCourseWare quite rapidly. Peter de Moel (Watermanagement, TU Delft) delivered a nice presentation and gave the Danish OpenCourseWare a great push to go ahead in the OpenCourseWare movement!

The Lecture recordings can be found at the VIA OpenCourseWare website. There you will find links towards the first part and second part of the lecture (opens in Windows Medai Player).

Last week VIA University College has become the first Scandinavian member of the OCWConsortium.
TU Delft (Peter de Moel) was invited to present their OCW experiences on 18 November to around 30 VIA teachers at the VIA auditorium in Horsens, Danmark. This invitation was a follow-up of his presentation at the IGIP-SEFI conference in Trnava, Slovakia.

 Introduction by Jan Uwe Wolf, Dean at VIA  TU Delft experiences presented by Peter de Moel

Afterwards workshops were held on:

  • recording lectures with Collegerama/Mediasite
  • using course material from Blackboard or SharePoint for OpenCourseWare.

VIA plans their OCW website ready for official launching in July 2011. Their progress can be followed at www.openviauc.dk .

The presentation of Peter de Moel and the related interview are presented at the VIA website: www.viauc.dk/pressesite/artikler/Sider/via_er_nordens_forste_open_course_ware_institution.aspx (in Danish). The presentation was recorded on video, and will be presented at this website.

  • View the presentation on the TU Delft OpenER Slideshare channel
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