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Director of Education Anka Mulder is president of the OpenCourseWare Consortium

Anka MulderOn Thursday, the OpenCourseWare
elected Anka Mulder, the Director of Education and Student Affairs
at TU Delft, as its new president. Mulder will succeed Steve Carson of the
prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who had occupied the
position for three years. Mulder is the first president from outside the US,
where OpenCourseWare originated.

More than 250
educational institutions, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, Korea University, University
of the Western Cape and Paris Tech are members of the consortium. TU Delft and
the Open University are the only Dutch universities to be members. They endorse
the objective of making high-quality educational material available free of
charge online.


More than anything
else, Mulder regards her appointment as recognition of the high standard of the
online courses provided by TU Delft. “We have been publishing courses online
since 2007, primarily in order to enhance our international reputation among
researchers and students. From the responses from teachers and students
worldwide, and rankings on
for example, we conclude that we are doing a good job. I see my appointment as
an acknowledgement of our work.”

International profile

OpenCourseWare has
become an important tool in competing at international level to attract the best
students and researchers. A quarter of MSc students at TU Delft come from
abroad, and sixty per cent of the PhD students.

The visitors to ocw.tudelft.nl
mostly come from the Netherlands, the US, India, China and other Asian
countries: the countries many of the students come from. Foreign students use
the courses to study or to explore the possibilities of taking a course (or a
follow-up course) in Delft. Many students at the university itself use the
material to quickly revise for an exam, for example.


One of the best-known
examples is the MSc programme in Water Management. The information is used
extensively by companies in the Netherlands, but with financial support from
the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, it has also been passed
on to the University of Bandung in Indonesia. Some of the material is reused
and some is adapted to the local situation, with local examples.

Choice of programme

Earlier this week, TU
Delft announced that it had uploaded the fiftieth course to its OpenCourseWare
website. The course in question is the introduction to the Bachelor’s programme
in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management
and is the first of a
series in which the university will be publishing from every Bachelor programme
an introduction course in the form of OpenCourseWare. In so doing, TU Delft is
seeking to give prospective students a realistic idea of the programmes it
offers and thereby help them choose the programme that is right for them.

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