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New Course Added: Diversity in Educational Settings (Teacher Training)

TU Delft OpenCourseWare just published it’s first teacher training module ‘Diversity in Educational Settings’. TU Delft FOCUS Centre of Expertise on Education assists faculties and staff in their efforts to provide excellent education. In line of this task they also offer several modules, one of them being ‘Diversity in Educational Settings’:

"With a yearly increase in international students/phd and staff TU Delft is becoming more and more diverse and international. The heterogeneity in the classroom requires and acute awareness of the intercultural differences of the population, the TU Delft Educational Context and the impact on the role of the teacher in the International Classroom.

The teacher will have to reconsider his course material and teaching methods in relation to the international audience. He/she (the lecturer) will have to think about:

  • The added value of  working with an international student body
  • The differences between an homogeneous groups and an internationally diverse group
  • The central values embedded within the proper teaching style and how these values are conveyed to the students
  • The difficulties of international teamwork for students and how to facilitate the students to obtain an optimal result?
  • The assumptions with respect to grading

And much more… "

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