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Posted in July 2011

First Delft Design Guide and now Geo-information Technology for crisis management featured as Higher Ed Resources at Oer Commons

link: www.oercommons.org or go directly to the  collection of TU Delft OpenCourseWare :http://www.oercommons.org/courses/collection/delft-university-opencourseware?batch_size=20&sort_by=visits

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Education-portal.com is organising a OpenCourseWare People’s Award Choice Awards. 2 Courses of our TU Delft OpenCourseWare are nominated:

Education-Portal.com readers and members of the OCW community have chosen the best of OCW as nominees for the first-ever OCW People’s Choice Awards.

We’re committed to promoting education accessibility and strongly believe in the mission of OCW. We hope that you’ll take the time to familiarize yourselves with any nominees you may not have heard of before you vote. We think you’ll be impressed by what you find.

Voting begins today! Anyone is welcome to vote, so please forward the online ballot on to your colleagues, friends and followers. Winners will be announced August 15 on Education-Portal.com. Follow us on Twitter @EducationPortal to stay informed! 

 The nominated TU Delft courses are:

TU Delft Sanitary Engineering
This course is nominated in the category Best Video Lectures. This course deals with the basic principles and design aspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. This comprises: drinking water supply and treatment, sewerage and wastewater treatment.

Delft Design Guide
This course is nominated in the category Best OER (non-video). The Delft Design Guide presents an overview of product design approaches and methods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.

If you support TU Delft OpenCourseWare, please vote for our courses before August 1stClick here to vote!

Willem van Valkenburg discusses the future of TUDelft OpenCourseWare and how making OER accessible internationally


Understanding OCW Economics: Willem van Valkenburg of the Delft University of Technology and Demand-Driven Open Education:


Willem van Valkenburg

 The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is one of the world’s premier technology and scientific universities. With a long history of e-learning, Delft has recently also become a leader in OpenCourseWare (OCW). Education-Portal.com’s Education Insider spoke with Willem van Valkenburg, part of the Delft e-learning team, about the future of online learning and open education at the university.

Willem van Valkenburg received his master’s degree from the Delft University of Technology. Mr. Valkenburg wrote his thesis on the implementation of e-learning systems within corporate environments, focusing on bridging the gap between end users and the information communication technologies (ICT) themselves. He returned to Delft in 2003 as an e-learning consultant. 



New: Principles of Rock Mechanics

TU Delft OpenCourseWare published a book on principles of Rock Mechanics. This book is used in the Master of Applied Earth Sciences.

"The principles of rock mechancis explains the fundamental concepts of continuum mechanics and rheology as applied in studies of rock deformation. A thorough understanding of rock behavior is essential for strategic planning in the petroleum and mining industry, in construction operation, and in locating subsurface repositories. The formation of geological structures or ock deformation patterns, studied by geodynamicists and tectonicians, is, also governed by the mechanical principles outlined in this textbook. The aim of the present book is obvious: to inspire a new generation of positively forward-thinking geoscientists and engineers, skillful in and favorable to the practical application of mechanics to rock structures."


Nieuwe Cursus: Instaptoets Wiskunde

TU Delft OpenCourseWare heeft een nieuwe cursus gepubliceerd: Instaptoets Wiskunde.

"Parate kennis en algebraïsche vaardigheden die onderdeel uitmaken van het Vwo wiskunde B-examenprogramma worden opgefrist. Hierbij moet gedacht worden aan het handig manipuleren van goniometrische formules, bewerkingen met logaritmen, toepassen van de kettingregel, primitiveren, oplossen van vergelijkingen, enzovoorts."


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