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Willem van Valkenburg discusses the future of TUDelft OpenCourseWare and how making OER accessible internationally


Understanding OCW Economics: Willem van Valkenburg of the Delft University of Technology and Demand-Driven Open Education:


Willem van Valkenburg

 The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is one of the world’s premier technology and scientific universities. With a long history of e-learning, Delft has recently also become a leader in OpenCourseWare (OCW). Education-Portal.com’s Education Insider spoke with Willem van Valkenburg, part of the Delft e-learning team, about the future of online learning and open education at the university.

Willem van Valkenburg received his master’s degree from the Delft University of Technology. Mr. Valkenburg wrote his thesis on the implementation of e-learning systems within corporate environments, focusing on bridging the gap between end users and the information communication technologies (ICT) themselves. He returned to Delft in 2003 as an e-learning consultant. 



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