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Column by Anka Mulder in Educause Review

In this month edition Anka Mulder has written an column about Open Educational Resources and the Role of the University:

Open Educational Resources (OER) have become an unstoppable development
since MIT started publishing educational resources online as
OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001. Four years ago, the OCW Consortium (http://www.ocwconsortium.org/)
was founded, and more that 250 institutions have since joined. The OCW
Consortium is the largest international OER organization, but there are
many other OER initiatives and organizations. At present, hundreds of
higher education institutions worldwide produce, reuse, and remix
educational materials. The fact that educational content is becoming
more widely available—free and online—leads to the question: What role
will colleges and universities play in the future? Some in higher
education fear that when institutions “give away” their content, the
only added value they have left is certification, turning colleges and
universities from institutions of knowledge into educational
certification factories.


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