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Support the Open Education Week (March 5-10 2012)!

From March 5 – March 12 2012, the OCW Consortium will organise an Open Education Week; A global event, Open Education Week seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of free and open sharing in education, especially Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are high-quality, free and open educational materials that offer opportunities for people anywhere in the world to share, use and reuse knowledge.

To make this possible, resources are needed. Education-Portal.com has pledged up to $20,000 to fund these efforts, starting at a baseline of $1000,-.
From November 30th, Education-Portal.com will donate $1,- (on top of the initial $1000,-) to the OCW Consortium for each Like on their Facebook-page.

So get online and support Open Education today!

"Education-Portal.com shares the OCW Consortium’s vision of a world where everyone who wants to learn has the opportunity to do so. We believe that access to education should not require a $50,000 price tag. Because of this, we’ve pledged to support the OCW Consortium’s efforts to increase awareness of the great range of open education resources available. Stay tuned to the Open Education Week website and Education-Portal.com’s Education Insider for more details on Open Education Week!

Thanks for all you do to help students!
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Obviously TU Delft will participate in the Open Week. But: What would you like us to do…?

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