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New Course published: Electricity and Gas: Market Design and Policy Issues

 We’ve published a new course about Electricity and Gas: Market Designs and Policy Issues. This course is part of the Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management Master. Ckeck it out

"European gas and electricity markets have largely been liberalized. Due to the specific physical characteristics and public interest aspects of electricity and gas, and to the fact that the networks continue to be natural monopolies, these markets require careful design. In this class, it is analyzed what the market design variables are and how the ongoing process of market design depends on policy goals, starting conditions and physical, technical and institutional constraints. In addition, a number of current policy issues will be discussed, such as security of supply, the CO2 emissions market, the integration of European energy markets and privatization. Participation in a simulation game, in which long-term market dynamics are simulated, is mandatory."

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