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Open Resources: Transforming the Way Knowledge Is Spread

From 5-10 March the Open Education Week took place worldwide. The European Open Education Event took place on March 7th in Delft and proved to be a big succes! Dutch State Secretary Education Halbe Zijlstra offered a speech, the President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium Anka Mulder provided a presentation, WikiWijs and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes provided video messages and the Panel discussion made the event complete.

You can still view the entire event, check out all presentations and photo’s via http://opencourseware.eu/openeducationevent2012.

The event brought about quite some media coverage, including articles by the New York Times Europe and the International Herald Tribune, writing about how open resources might transform the way knowledge is spread.

"For thousands of years, she said, anyone who wanted access to knowledge had to first find a teacher or an expert. After the printing press was invented, libraries and universities became repositories of knowledge. But now with the Internet, “universities do not hold the monopoly on information anymore,” Ms. Mulder said."

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