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Posted in April 2012

Nieuwe cursus uit het bachelorprogramma TBM: Economie en Bedrijf

Vandaag de cursus: Economie en Bedrijf uit het bachelorprogramma Technische Bestuurskunde gepubliceerd.

Economie en BedrijfDeze cursus biedt inzicht in besluitvorming en bedrijfsvoering op inleidend niveau; en biedt inzicht in de basisbegrippen van de micro- en markteconomie; Na het volgen van deze module kunt u:
1) basisbegrippen en theorieën van de micro- en markteconomie toelichten;
2) belangrijke concepten en theorieën toepassen op eenvoudige situaties;
3) elementen uit de discipline herkennen in concrete voorbeelden van besluitvorming en management.

Sanitary Engineering awarded for OpenCourseWare Excellence

From April 16 – April 18 the OpenCourseWare Consortium organises an annual conference on Open Educational Resources. Last year the OpenCourseWare movement celibrated its 10 year anniversary. In this honour the Awards for OpenCourseWare excellence were handed out for the first time. 

This year, the award for OpenCourseWare Excellence in the multimedia category goes out to the Sanitary Engineering course of Delft University of Technology. Out of 17.000 courses now shared openly by universities worldwide, Sanitary Engineering got this award.  

 “We’re very pleased to honor these courses,” said OCW Consortium Executive Director Mary Lou Forward. “They are truly outstanding examples of the amazing educational resources being shared openly by the members of the OpenCourseWare Consortium.” 

TU Delft OpenCourseWare is very proud of this honour, and of course of the instructors who are actually behind this award, Prof. ir. J.C. van Dijk and  Prof.ir. F.H.L.R. Clemens. 


New course: Theory of Computation

TU Delft OpenCourseWare has published a new bachelor course of Computer Science: Theory of Computation

The description and the book are in English, the recorded lectures and slides however, are in Dutch

Theory of ComputationCourse Description: Computability Theory deals with one of the most fundamental questions in computer science:

What is computing and what are the limits of what a computer can compute?

Or, formulated differently: “What kind of problems can be algorithmically solved?” During the course this question will be studied. Firstly, the notion of algorithm or computing will be made precise by using the mathematical model of a Turing machine. Secondly, it will be shown that basic issues in computer science, like "Given a program P does it halt for any input x?" or "Given two program P and Q, are they equivalent?" cannot be solved by any Turing machine. This shows that there exist problems that are impossible to solve with a computer, the so-called "undecidable problems".

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