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New course published: Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and Drainage is a master course of watermanagement, specialisation: Water resources management.


Course Description:

The course will discuss the objectives and functions of water management systems for irrigation and drainage purposes. Analysing system requirements in terms of technical engineering constraints, management possibilities and water users (wishes and options) is central. This includes the design and operation of regulation structures, dams, reservoirs, weirs and conveyance systems; balancing water supply and water requirements in time and space is a main focus of analysis too. 

The study goals of this course are:

1. Analyse a (preliminary) design for an irrigation/drainage system, taking into account the proper procedures and data;

2. Discuss management implications in relation to hydraulic design and behaviour of the system;

3. Explain the importance of a number of issues in relation to irrigation, including salinisation, multiple use and sanitation. 


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