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workshop and Training on Open Content licensing in Europe



On the 19th and 20th of September there will be an event on Open Content licensing in Europe at the University of Barcelona in Spain organized by Project group OpenCourseWare Europe

The main goal of this two-day event is to clarify legal issues with regard to regulations that govern the ownership and use, reuse or modification of educational resources, which are produced at Higher Education Institutions in Europe.  A direct focus is placed upon copyright. Participants will learn about the meaning of the open content licensing framework for OpenCourseWare & Open Educational Resources. They will gain practical skills on how to use such frameworks, through the utilization of Creative Commons licenses, to license and disseminate their own content or to use, reuse or modify educational content produced elsewhere.

The event will be live broadcasted on Thursday 20th of September

If you have questions, please ask them via twitter with the hashtag #ocweu  

The program of that day:
9:00   Registration
9:30   OCW Europe Project
  by Willem van Valkenburg (Delft University of Technology and Project Leader of OpenCourseWare Europe) 
10:00  Strategies and reasons to implement an Open Policy 
  by Cable Green (Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons) 
11:00  Break 
11:30  Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright for Education in the European Framework
  by Prof. Raquel Xalabarder (Professor in Copyright Law, Open University of Catalunya UOC)
12:30  Implementation of CC Licenses in OCW: what brings 4.0 version?
  by Cable Green (Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons) 
13:30  Lunch 
15:00  Presentation of the reports:
  1. Current licensing practices in Europe.
  2. Overview of European copyright legislation and free licenses
  by Ignasi Labastida (Director of the Office for Knowledge Dissemination, CRAI, University of Barcelona) 
16:00  The current situation of OpenCourseWare in Spain
  by Edmundo Tovar (Executive Director of the Open Course Ware Office of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) 
17:00  Challenges for the future
  moderated by Willem van Valkenburg 
18:00  Closing

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