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Posted in December 2012

Nieuwe cursus gepubliceerd: Digitale systemen

Digitale systemen is een eerstejaars vak van Electrical Engineering.







Het vak Digitale Systemen laat de eerstejaarsstudent kennis maken met de verscheidenheid aan specificatietechnieken en synthese bij het ontwerp van digitale systemen. Onderwerpen die worden behandeld zijn o.a.: getalstelsels, Booleaanse algebra, 2-level en multi-level netwerken, minimalisatietechnieken/tools, timing, hazards; sequentiële systemen, Moore/Mealy machines, FSM; specificatie, modellering, simulatie en synthese m.b.v. VHDL; datapad besturingsmodel, synthesemethodieken en tools, realisatie m.b.v. FPGAs.

OpenCourseWare Video

In this video drs. Anka Mulder (Secretary of the university), Dr. Tomas Klos (Teacher Computer Science), Peter Swier (Student Architecture) and Prof. ir. Karel Luyben (Rector Magnificus) shared their thoughts on TU Delft OpenCourseWare (http://ocw.tudelft.nl).

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10 Years of Creative Commons

5 Years ago TU Delft started publishing educational Resources as OpenCourseWare, under a Creative Commons License. But Creative Commons (providing the license) was around much longer.

The coming 10 days (December 7-16) Creative Commons will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary. That is why Creative Commons will be hosting parties around the world and sharing party favors online for a ten-day delebration, December 7 to 16. Find out more at: http://10.creativecommons.org/

Walter Lewin: Rainbows and Blue skies

Source: RoyBorghoutsFotografie CC-BY-NC-SA

Walter Lewin, world renowned MIT professor (emeritus) for his experiments and fascinating lectures, attracting millions of viewers on Youtube, offered guest lectures at TU Delft. These lectures are now online, available as OpenCourseWare.

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