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TU Delft going to offer MOOCs on edX

TU Delft choose to offer courses as Massive Open Online Courses’ (MOOCs) on edX. Together with MIT, Harvard and others TU Delft will join the MOOC platform edX as one of the first Dutch universities.

TU Delft is a strong advocate for Open Education and has already considerable experience in online education: In OpenCourseWare TU Delft has been published more than hundred courses free online for use and reuse. OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of educational materials organised as courses. It does not require any registration, does not provide assistance and is not degree-granting.

In the coming academic year, TU Delft will get started on its first MOOCs: Water Treatment Engineering, Solar Energy at fall and Introduction to Aerospace Engineering at spring. these first MOOCs will be introductory modules.The complete material on these courses will be posted on edX: in addition to video recordings, course material and trial examinations. The MOOCs will be taught just like courses on the campus: in a fixed period of eight weeks and with opportunities for interaction between fellow participants. there will be homework and you can get a certificate of completion. The students have to be enrolled for the course to get access to the course materials.

For a more extended article about the Delft MOOCs take a look at the article of Karen Collet on TU Delft website

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