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Tahmo project featured on Huffington Post

The article by Nick van de Giesen on how TAHMO offers the opportunity to tackle the global food crisis now also featured on Huffington Post, one of the premier news websites in Europe, Asia and the United States attracting millions of readers every day.

One of the key aspects of TAHMO is to make the initiative financially sustainable by developing and rolling out viable business development. At the same time, TAHMO tries to integrate science with education: the weather stations would be placed at schools and integrated in the educational programs. In this way, African children could be educated about their own climate as well as how to take measurements.

TAHMO is in the initial phase. The very first steps towards the development of cheap hydro-meteorological measurement stations are made: a prototype of an acoustic disdrometer (rain gauge) was developed by TU Delft and tested in Tanzania. TAHMO also wants to include local design and technology and is currently involving African students, engineers and meteorologists in a competition to design innovative and cost effective weather sensors.

At TU Delft OpenCourseWare: http://ocw.tudelft.nl/more/innovative-weather-sensing/ you will read more about the project and will find the courses related to the project.

The following bachelor and master courses are open:

bachelor courses (some in Dutch)

Measurement Science
Meten aan het water/Measurements for Water

master courses

Electronic Instrumentation
Hydrology of Catchments, Rivers and Deltas
Hydrological Measurements
Spatial Tools in Water Resources Management

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