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Posted in July 2013

OpenCourseWare: changing how we learn since 1999

Beside TU Delft OpenCourseWare there are more than 250 other universities offering free online courses  like MIT, Yale, Notre Dame and UC Berkeley. Check out the nice Infographic about the movement.

New Course: Legal Aspects of MAS Design

Just published a new course of the master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management: Legal Aspects of MAS Design. The lecturer of the course is Nienke Saanen and was awarded as the best teacher of TPM in 2012

Runway extension, construction of works in protected areas, subsidizing sustainable projects… they all happen within a design space, limited amongst others by legal rules and requirements. To make optimal use of the design space, you have to know about these rules and requirements. When does a contract have to be tendered out, what rules are then applicable, what can be subsidized and what are the restrictions, how to comply with air quality requirements and can a frog really block a project? What alternative designs can be given in order to avoid legal problems? These and other problems will be addressed in this course.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

• read and understand legal documents

• point out relevant legal aspects when designing or assessing a project

• carry out a basic check on the compatibility of a project with relevant law

Visit Sabanci University At TU Delft OpenCourseWare

Last week TU Delft OpenCourseWare got a visit from Melih Yayli, a course material production specialist at Sabanci University (Turkey). The visit was part of an Erasmus Staff mobility application aimed at gathering experience in order to start a university wide OpenCourseWare project at Sabanci University.

As an active member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium we were very happy to share our experiences and contribute to Sabanci University in advancing their OpenCourseWare aspirations.

We organised a range of presentations, covering many facets involved in setting up an OpenCourseWare initiative. For example, both our colleagues at TU Delft and the Open University provided presentations and discussions on topics like ‘devising a strategy‘ and ‘organising the project‘, ‘setting up production processes‘ (recording lecture video’s and other course materials, handling Copyright restrictions and properly applying Creative Commons licensing), ‘managing the project‘ and ‘cooperating in networks‘. Next to the presentations there were many possibilities for discussion and exchange of experiences.

The visit not only proved useful to our guest, but also proved to be very beneficial to our own university. TU Delft is involved in a lot of Open Education projects at the moment. Alongside OpenCourseWare TU Delft will offer DelftX MOOCs and Online Distance Education from September. The presentations and discussions offered, provided opportunities for our  projectmembers to learn from the presentations, but also from each other.

We are very happy to have organised this week and look forward to seeing Open Education developments flourish at Sabanci University, and at other Turkish Universities.

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