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Published a new course: Electrical Power Drives

Just published a new bachelor course of Electrical Engineering: Electrical Power Drives.
This course was also important for the  DUT racing team

Course Description:
The student can:

Understand mechanical system requirements for Electric Drive
Understand and apply passive network elements (R, L, C), laws of Kirchhof, Lorentz, Faraday
Understand and apply: phasors for simple R,L,C circuits
Understand and apply real and reactive power, rms, active and reactive current, cos phi
Describe direct current (DC), (single phase) alternating current (AC) and (three phase) alternating current systems, star-delta connection
Understand the principle of switch mode power electronic converters, pole as a two quadrant and four quadrant converter
Understand principles of magnetic circuits, inductance’s and transformers
The characteristics of importance are: torque/speed relation, efficiency, reactive power, voltage control, frequency control, starting current/power, methods to control starting current

The treated machines are:

Induction machines (asynchronous electric motors)
Synchronous machines (as motor and generator)
Understand principles and explain main characteristics of the following electronic conversion:

DC/DC converters (choppers)
DC/AC converters (inverters)
AC/DC converters (rectifiers)
AC/AC converters
The characteristics of importance are: input/output characteristics, control inputs, voltage/frequency control; cos phi
Understand, explain and specify electric drive systém of a hybrid car, with the use of the components mentioned.

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