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Posted in July 2014

a new course in OpenCourseWare: Advanced Structural Analysis

Last week a new course of the Master Aerospace Engineering has been published: Advanced Structural Analysis


Course Description

  • Computation of structural deflections for thin-walled structures – continuation. (Applying the Dummy Unit Load Method, computation of relative displacements).
  • Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures. (External vs internal redundancies, multiple redundancies, applications to wing and fuselage structures).
  • Engineering theory of bending for open and closed tubes’ an overview. (General stress, strain and displacement relationships for open and closed tubes).
  • Shear flow in open and closed tubes.
  • Twist and warping of shear loaded closed tubes.
  • Displacements associated with the Bredt-Batho shear flow.
  • Warping distribution of a doubly symmetrical rectangular closed tube subjected to a torque.
  • Warping of open tubes.
  • Axial constraint stresses in open tubes. (The Wagner torsion-bending theory, calculation of the torsion bending constant, the wire analogy for flat sided sections).
  • Axial constraint stresses in closed tubes. (Doubly symmetrical single cell, 4-boom tube under torsion).
  • Shear diffusion. (Axial constraint stresses in a doubly symmetrical single cell 6 stringer tube subjected to a transverse shear force).
  • Elements of plate bending theory. (Kirchhoff’s assumptions, equilibrium equations via the stationary value of the potential energy, Kirchhoff”s derivation of the boundary conditions, simply supported rectangular plate under sinusoidal loading, Navier’s solution for simply supported rectangular plates, the Green’s function of the rectangular plate).

Study Goals
This course is designed to introduce students who wish to specialize in stress analysis of thin-walled structures to more
advanced topics such as the analysis of statically indeterminate structures, warping, constraint stresses, shear diffusion, and
elements of plate bending.


a new course in OpenCourseWare: Urban Drainage and Watermanagement

Last week a new course Urban Drainage and Watermanagement has been published. A course from the master Watermanagement.


In a series of lectures urban planners and other experts will explain on urban tasks and (recently)
built urban plans for inner city interventions, for restructure and transformation locations of
former harbour and industrial sites and for new locations. The focus will be on urban design
methods, instruments and guidelines and on sustainable urbanism in general in order to gather
knowledge on how to create future proof plans.

Study goals:

  • Has knowledge of urban design methods, instruments and guidelines.
  • Has knowledge of sustainable urbanism in general.
  • Has the ability to apply the knowledge of urban design methods, instruments and guidelines.
  • Has the ability to apply the knowledge of sustainable urbanism in general.
  • Has the ability to read and draw an urban map and associate profiles.

This course will focus on methods and skills for urban design, for which plan analysis of existing
urban structures is an indispensable part. For sustainable urban design the accent in the lectures
lie on the qualities of the urban design, being an important aspect with a view to sustainability.
The second series, BK7250 Sustainable Urbanism, will focus on specific sustainable aspects as
water, energy, urban agriculture and green, reuse of waste and sustainable mobility

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