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Race Car Aerodynamics added to DUT Racing OpenCourseWare

Every year a multi-discplinary team of 90 students from Delft University of Technology design a new race car to compete in the Formula Student Competition.
The main goal of the team is education: giving prospective engineers the hands-on experience of developing and building an actual race car. Besides that they of course compete with their electronic 4WD car to win the Formula student competition, like they did in 2012 and 2013.

OpenCourseWare partnered with the DUT Racing team to publish a series of courses that show how the basic engineering education in Delft connects to the concrete DUT Racing engineering project.
This year special attention is paid to the aerodynamics of the DUT 14 race car. Dr. ir. Gerrit Elsinga from the Fluid Mechanics department explains the basics of Race Car Aerodynamics in two short video lectures.
Race Car Aerodynamics Part 1
YouTube Preview Image

Click here for Race Car Aerodynamics Part 2

Additionally, a number of courses that apply to the design of the DUT ’14 can be found under the following categories: Chassis, Vehicle Dynamics, Control Systems, Aerodynamics, Powertrain and Electronics.
The related OpenCourseWare, together with a short introduction on the category to which they are related, can be found under ocw.tudelft.nl/dutracing or http://dutracing.nl/explore-the-car/.

International World Water Day 2013!

Today is international World Water Day 2013,  the year that the United Nations have declared the UN International year of water cooperation.

The Netherlands are the host country of the event that marks the International celebration of World Water Day.

Today we would like to share what water research and education takes place at TU Delft. Find our water related courses on our page for OpenCourseWare on Water. Here you can educate yourself on topics such as Watermanagement, Hydraulic engineering and Drinking water treatment.

If this is not enough for you, our Delft-based colleagues from UNESCO-IHE have also recently started publishing OpenCourseWare on Hydraulic and Environmental engineering.

We wish everyone a fruitful World Water day and hope that this day will bring the shared goal of widely available clean water, good sanitation and sustainable use of water resources another step closer!

Open Education week 2013 – Recap

Our ‘Debate with the Dean’ marked the end of the second international Open Education Week, during which we organised several events on the topic, such as:

  • Student discussions

Together with some 50 students we debated the value of open education for the TU Delft, a theme that also inspired our discussion with the TU Delft Honours Students the week before.

  • Launch of Open.tudelft.nl

The kick-off for our Open Education week was the launch of open.tudelft.nl on Monday 11th of March, showcasing all open initiatives TU Delft has to offer in Education, Research and ICT.

  • OpenCourseWare for Innovative Weather Sensing

The launch of open.tudelft.nl was followed by the publication of a package of courses to support African universities in the design competition for a low-cost weather station.

  • Open Education event

On Wednesday the Dutch higher education sector gathered in Utrecht, to celebrate the publication of the Trendrapport on Open Educational Resources. The day was chaired by our Vice President of Education, Paul Rullman while Anka Mulder, secretary of the university, was one of the speakers at the Open Education Event

  • Presentations for TU Delft staff

Furthermore, we have been welcomed at several faculties to share the possibilities of Open Education with our TU Delft teaching staff. This is something we will continue in the coming year in order to spread the word on open education, inside and outside of our campus!

We’ve enjoyed all the positive interactions and reactions we had during the Open Education Week, and will certainly contribute to next year’s Open Education Week.

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