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Anka Mulder #19 on the 100 most creative people in business for 2012

Anka MulderLast week Fast Company announced their list of the 100 most creative people in business for 2012. The President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium and Secretary General of TU Delft Anka Mulder is listed 19 on the list.

Fast Company is a US magazine that emphasizes change in business, and
focuses on leadership, technology and social dimensions of business. 
Fast Company has a strong readership and is regarded as the voice of
innovation in business in the US.

We are very proud of her listing. It will certainly help to to get
more attention to OpenCourseWare, the Consortium and hopefully also TU Delft’s OpenCourseWare website.

Open Education Week event in Delft

Banner OEW EventThe OpenCourseWare Consortium is organising the first annual Open Education Week
from March 5 – 10, 2012. Open Education Week is a global event, raising
awareness about the benefits of free and open sharing in education,
especially Open Educational Resources (OER).  OER are high-quality, free
and open educational materials that offer opportunities for people
anywhere in the world to share, use and reuse.

“The vision of the open education movement is to create a world in
which the desire to learn is fully met by the opportunity to do so,
where everyone, everywhere, is able to access affordable, educationally
and culturally appropriate opportunities to gain whatever knowledge or
training they desire. “The movement encompasses producing, sharing,
using and modifying content, as well as innovative models of educational
delivery,” said Anka Mulder, President of the OpenCourseWare
Consortium.  “Open Education Week will showcase projects, resources,
people and ideas so that people around the world can see the breadth of
what has been accomplished already, and participate in discussions about
the future of the movement.”

Delft University of Technology, SURF and Open Universiteit in the
Netherlands strongly support Open Education Week and organize an event
for policy makers within Higher Education in Europe.

We would like to invite you to attend this event on March 7th in the Aula of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Speakers are Anka Mulder (President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium), Halbe Zijlstra (Dutch State Secretary for Education), Lieve Van der Brande (European Commission, DG Education and Culture), Greetje van den Bergh (Chair Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO), Arnold Jonk (Director Knowledge of Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science), Fred Mulder (UNESCO Chair in OER at Open Universiteit and Chair Steering Committee Wikiwijs) and Neelie Kroes (European Commissioner)

More information and registration for this event: http://opencourseware.eu/OpenEducationEvent2012.

Banner Open Education Week

Workshop Open content licensing for educators

Open content licensing for educators is a free online
workshop designed for educators and students who want to learn more
about open education resources, copyright, and creative commons

PosterThe course materials were developed as a collaborative project by volunteers from the OER Foundation, WikiEducator, the OpenCourseWare Consortium and Creative Commons
with funding support from UNESCO. The course will provide prerequisite
knowledge required by educators to legally remix open education
materials and help institutions to take informed decisions about open
content licenses.

The workshop is scheduled for 23 – 27 January 2012. Participants will need approximately 1 hour for each day of the workshop at a time which suits your own schedule.

More information and registration can be found here: wikieducator.org/OCL4ED

Column by Anka Mulder in Educause Review

In this month edition Anka Mulder has written an column about Open Educational Resources and the Role of the University:

Open Educational Resources (OER) have become an unstoppable development
since MIT started publishing educational resources online as
OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001. Four years ago, the OCW Consortium (http://www.ocwconsortium.org/)
was founded, and more that 250 institutions have since joined. The OCW
Consortium is the largest international OER organization, but there are
many other OER initiatives and organizations. At present, hundreds of
higher education institutions worldwide produce, reuse, and remix
educational materials. The fact that educational content is becoming
more widely available—free and online—leads to the question: What role
will colleges and universities play in the future? Some in higher
education fear that when institutions “give away” their content, the
only added value they have left is certification, turning colleges and
universities from institutions of knowledge into educational
certification factories.


TU Delft OpenCourseWare User Survey

Survey buttonEarlier this year we conducted a user survey on TU Delft OpenCourseWare.
We wanted to know more about the visitors of our website and what they
thought about it. We also would like to see what we should improve. The 4
research questions were:

  • Who are the users of ocw.tudelft.nl?
  • For what purpose do they visit the website?
  • How satisfied are they with the OCW content and website?
  • What should be improved, according to our users?

created a online survey, which was advertised with a banner on our
website. We didn’t tell (via social media) anyone that we were
conducting a survey.We are satisfied with the results and we are working
on the actions that we conducted from the results. In the slideshare
below you can find the results.

Vote for TU Delft OpenCourseWare courses

EP logo

Education-portal.com is organising a OpenCourseWare People’s Award Choice Awards. 2 Courses of our TU Delft OpenCourseWare are nominated:

Education-Portal.com readers and members of the OCW community have chosen the best of OCW as nominees for the first-ever OCW People’s Choice Awards.

We’re committed to promoting education accessibility and strongly believe in the mission of OCW. We hope that you’ll take the time to familiarize yourselves with any nominees you may not have heard of before you vote. We think you’ll be impressed by what you find.

Voting begins today! Anyone is welcome to vote, so please forward the online ballot on to your colleagues, friends and followers. Winners will be announced August 15 on Education-Portal.com. Follow us on Twitter @EducationPortal to stay informed! 

 The nominated TU Delft courses are:

TU Delft Sanitary Engineering
This course is nominated in the category Best Video Lectures. This course deals with the basic principles and design aspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. This comprises: drinking water supply and treatment, sewerage and wastewater treatment.

Delft Design Guide
This course is nominated in the category Best OER (non-video). The Delft Design Guide presents an overview of product design approaches and methods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.

If you support TU Delft OpenCourseWare, please vote for our courses before August 1stClick here to vote!

Interview with Anka Mulder

Anka Mulder

Education-Portal.com recently attended the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC), a gathering of educators and professionals interested in the availability and application of free online college course materials known as OpenCourseWare (OCW). We had a chance to speak with several industry leaders, including Anka Mulder, director of Education at Holland’s Delft University of Technology, and newly-elected president of the OCWC.

Read the interview on Education-portal.com 

Director of Education Anka Mulder is president of the OpenCourseWare Consortium

Anka MulderOn Thursday, the OpenCourseWare
elected Anka Mulder, the Director of Education and Student Affairs
at TU Delft, as its new president. Mulder will succeed Steve Carson of the
prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who had occupied the
position for three years. Mulder is the first president from outside the US,
where OpenCourseWare originated.

More than 250
educational institutions, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, Korea University, University
of the Western Cape and Paris Tech are members of the consortium. TU Delft and
the Open University are the only Dutch universities to be members. They endorse
the objective of making high-quality educational material available free of
charge online.


More than anything
else, Mulder regards her appointment as recognition of the high standard of the
online courses provided by TU Delft. “We have been publishing courses online
since 2007, primarily in order to enhance our international reputation among
researchers and students. From the responses from teachers and students
worldwide, and rankings on
for example, we conclude that we are doing a good job. I see my appointment as
an acknowledgement of our work.”

International profile

OpenCourseWare has
become an important tool in competing at international level to attract the best
students and researchers. A quarter of MSc students at TU Delft come from
abroad, and sixty per cent of the PhD students.

The visitors to ocw.tudelft.nl
mostly come from the Netherlands, the US, India, China and other Asian
countries: the countries many of the students come from. Foreign students use
the courses to study or to explore the possibilities of taking a course (or a
follow-up course) in Delft. Many students at the university itself use the
material to quickly revise for an exam, for example.


One of the best-known
examples is the MSc programme in Water Management. The information is used
extensively by companies in the Netherlands, but with financial support from
the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, it has also been passed
on to the University of Bandung in Indonesia. Some of the material is reused
and some is adapted to the local situation, with local examples.

Choice of programme

Earlier this week, TU
Delft announced that it had uploaded the fiftieth course to its OpenCourseWare
website. The course in question is the introduction to the Bachelor’s programme
in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management
and is the first of a
series in which the university will be publishing from every Bachelor programme
an introduction course in the form of OpenCourseWare. In so doing, TU Delft is
seeking to give prospective students a realistic idea of the programmes it
offers and thereby help them choose the programme that is right for them.

Call for Papers for OCW Consortium Global Conference 2011

The OpenCourseWare Consortium invites session proposals for its 2011 global conference, Celebrating 10 Years of OpenCourseWare. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a worldwide community of universities and organizations committed to advancing OpenCourseWare and its impact on global education. The OpenCourseWare movement has grown significantly over the last decade; today there are 13,000 courses published by 150 universities.

We encourage submissions for sessions that highlight the impact of OpenCourseWare, summarize research, showcase best practices, discuss issues facing the community, and encourage thinking about the future of “open” learning. In keeping with the theme of the conference, we particularly welcome proposals that integrate accounts of OpenCourseWare’s evolution with next steps for the movement.

More information about the conference and the call for papers can be found at conference.ocwconsortium.org.

 Banner conference

OpenCourseWare Conference in Vietnam

OCWC Global ConferenceThe OpenCourseWare Consortium’s fifth annual conference
will take place
in Hanoi, Vietnam from 5-7 May, 2010. This conference will bring
together educators, administrators, policy
makers and other interested participants to examine the capacity of
OpenCourseWare to effect large-scale educational improvement worldwide.
The conference will focus on the uses and potential uses of
OpenCourseWare around the world.

The conference will be organized
into three main subthemes:

Building OpenCourseWare
This subtheme will explore
the creation of OpenCourseWare
infrastructure and projects. Presentations in this track could discuss
technology, intellectual property issues, gaining the support of
institutions and individuals, staffing OCW projects, and other topics
relevant to starting or enhancing OpenCourseWare projects.

Using OpenCourseWare as a platform
OpenCourseWare infrastructure has been created, institutions and
agencies are using it to achieve goals across the education sector.
Current and potential uses of OpenCourseWare include improving
instructional quality, public-private partnerships, OCW for public
education needs, renewal of skills for the 21st century
workforce, etc.

Sustaining OpenCourseWare
In order to realize the
transformational potential of OpenCourseWare,
its future must be secured through its integration into educational
plans. This track will allow participants to discuss strategies for
long-term sustainability of OCW projects, including funding, revenue,
insuring support by institutional decision makers, and integration into
policy, as well as looking at innovations that improve discoverability
and usefulness to OCW users, technology developments, and
interoperability of projects.

The conference has an interesting programme and is always a great
opportunity to meet members of the OCW Consortium. From TU Delft OCW
Projectleader Willem van Valkenburg and OCWC Boardmember Anka
will attend the conference.

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