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Professor dr.ir. Leo Kouwenhoven in ‘De Wereld Leert Door’

Monday March 4th, Prof. dr.ir. Keo Kouwenhoven offered some explenation on Quantum Mechanics Research in the Dutch Television program ‘De Wereld Leert Door‘. In the show he used superconductors to make a cube actually levitate.

Professor Leo Kouwenhoven recently caused great excitement by proving the existence of the Majorana particle. In one of our OCW MORE Flashlectures he explains this discovery.

10 Years of Creative Commons

5 Years ago TU Delft started publishing educational Resources as OpenCourseWare, under a Creative Commons License. But Creative Commons (providing the license) was around much longer.

The coming 10 days (December 7-16) Creative Commons will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary. That is why Creative Commons will be hosting parties around the world and sharing party favors online for a ten-day delebration, December 7 to 16. Find out more at: http://10.creativecommons.org/

Earn Certificates of Participation

Earlier on we reported on a pilot in which students worldwide can earn a certificate of participation for (among others) two TU Delft OpenCourseWare Courses (being Sanitary Engineering and Solar Cells). The certificates are issued by the OpenCourseWare Consortium in partnership with OpenStudy.

This Monday the initiative went live. So now, everyone in the world will be able to earn Certificates of Participation in TU Delft Sanitary Engineering and TU Delft Solar Cells.

The Open Study Press release:

OpenCourseWare Consortium, 20Million Minds Foundation and Excelsior College to offer certification and college credit for online courses in partnership with OpenStudy

Palo Alto, CA. Global learners studying on open courses offered by the OpenCourseWare Consortium member institutions, the 20 Million Minds Foundation and Excelsior College,now have the opportunity to earn Certificates of Participation and college credit. OCW Consortium members, University of Notre Dame, UC Irvine and TU Delft, will offer the first set of courses. OpenStudy offers open learners a vibrant, award winning community of practice and offers partners next generation assessment based on documented competencies, behavioral profiling and social analytics.

“We are delighted to be working with these innovators in education who realize the potential of  open online courses and who are focused on helping not only high achievers but also at-risk learners. For high school students, this is an opportunity to engage with college level content – and add a credible documentation of engagement, helpfulness and academic competence to their college applications.  For college students it serves the dual purposes of enhancing their performance in a college course and creates a verified e-portfolio for their first job.” says Preetha Ram, CEO of OpenStudy

Open, online courses attract global learners to study together on free content.  OpenStudy’s partners are extending the value of the open course experience by offering Certificate of Participation that not only reports on competencies gained in the course but more importantly, job skills: teamwork, problem solving and engagement.  Together this documentation will increase the employability of learners and address the issue that confronts employers: how does one obtain a reliable report of on the job performance?

The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a non-profit organization of over 300 member universities that has played a leadership role in the development of free online courses.  Twenty million users visit over 20,000 OCW courses annually.  Mary Lou Forward, Director of the OCW Consortium says, “The Certificate of Participation is just what self learners have been asking for: a signal to employers of skills and competencies and a real incentive to keep them engaged with the learning.”

The 20 Million Minds Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to bringing down the cost of textbooks and creating more engaging and effective open educational materials for college students. With their  novel online course, 20MM  is reinventing online textbooks by building social learning communities around static content and giving learners worldwide the opportunity to learn together. “Students who sign up for the certificate will be further incentivized to study through a “pay for performance” model,” announced Dean Florez, former CA State Senator and President of 20 Million Minds. “After completing the course and submitting their grade for the course, students will receive rewards, including cash back and gift cards, to further recognize their success.”

Excelsior College a recognized leader in educational innovation will offer global learners the option of earning college credit after passing an Excelsior examination.  

Certificates are priced starting at $30.

OpenStudy is also integrated with a MOOC offered by MIT OCW, P2PU and Codecademy that launched in mid-October.  Certification is not yet available for this MOOC.

Individuals can register for these courses at www.openstudy.com/courses  Partners plan to roll out additional courses in the following weeks.

About OpenStudy: OpenStudy’s vision is to help learners anywhere anytime.  Their first product, a social learning platform connects over 300,000 learners to each other each month, with over 2000 questions asked each day.  The  SmartScore Assessment engine that powers the  Certificates of Participation was recently released.  Today they offer their innovative assessment to open course providers and to learners worldwide.

Prof. Kouwenhoven explains discovery Majorana particle


Tuesday June 12, 16.00 h, Prof. Leo Kouwenhoven will give a lecture on the Majorana particle. The lecture is organised by the student association of the study Applied Physics (VvTP) and will take place in Lecture room B of the TU Delft Aula. De lecture is open for all, and intended for those interested in physics:

Tuesday June 12, 16:00, Aula Congress Centre, Room B.

Prof Kouwenhoven will address the question what the Majorana particle means for science and the relevance to the development of the quantum computer. Prof. Kouwenhoven’s group got widespread media attention in April, following their publication in Science on the discovery of the Majorana fermion.

YouTube Preview Image

Learn more about the discovery of the Majorana Partical.

Anka Mulder #19 on the 100 most creative people in business for 2012

Anka MulderLast week Fast Company announced their list of the 100 most creative people in business for 2012. The President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium and Secretary General of TU Delft Anka Mulder is listed 19 on the list.

Fast Company is a US magazine that emphasizes change in business, and
focuses on leadership, technology and social dimensions of business. 
Fast Company has a strong readership and is regarded as the voice of
innovation in business in the US.

We are very proud of her listing. It will certainly help to to get
more attention to OpenCourseWare, the Consortium and hopefully also TU Delft’s OpenCourseWare website.

Support the Open Education Week (March 5-10 2012)!

From March 5 – March 12 2012, the OCW Consortium will organise an Open Education Week; A global event, Open Education Week seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of free and open sharing in education, especially Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are high-quality, free and open educational materials that offer opportunities for people anywhere in the world to share, use and reuse knowledge.

To make this possible, resources are needed. Education-Portal.com has pledged up to $20,000 to fund these efforts, starting at a baseline of $1000,-.
From November 30th, Education-Portal.com will donate $1,- (on top of the initial $1000,-) to the OCW Consortium for each Like on their Facebook-page.

So get online and support Open Education today!

"Education-Portal.com shares the OCW Consortium’s vision of a world where everyone who wants to learn has the opportunity to do so. We believe that access to education should not require a $50,000 price tag. Because of this, we’ve pledged to support the OCW Consortium’s efforts to increase awareness of the great range of open education resources available. Stay tuned to the Open Education Week website and Education-Portal.com’s Education Insider for more details on Open Education Week!

Thanks for all you do to help students!
Best regards,

Obviously TU Delft will participate in the Open Week. But: What would you like us to do…?

TU Delft OCW Seminar was a succes!

Last Tuesday Nov 11th We organised the TU Delft OpenCourseWare Seminar 2011. Recordings of all presentation are available via http://ocw.tudelft.nl/ocw/open2011. Together with our lecturers, we’ve shared our experiences and showed you what TU Delft OpenCourseWare has accomplished and where we’re headed. Also, the TU Delft Ambassadors program was announced by our Rector Magnificus Prof. ir. Karel Luyben and a sneak peak at our website was offered.

All in all the seminar was a great succes. Many TU Delft Lecturers attended and/or watched the seminar onlibe. The TU Delft executive board attended as well. Rector Magnificus Prof. ir. Karel Luyben opened the seminar and presented the TU Delft OpenCourseWare Ambassadors program. Lecturers (and now OpenCourseWare Ambassadors) Jasper Verberk and Annemiek van Boeijen presented their experiences and ambitious plans for their OpenCourseWare materials. The President of the OCW Consortium Anka Mulder presented the OCW Consortium’s views on Open Educational resources and our own OpenCourseWare Team showed our own high ambitions for the future of TU Delft OpenCourseWare. In the end SURF showed their views on OpenCourseWare and praised TU Delft for their accomplishments in the OpenCourseWare movement, calling us a champion in the field of Dutch Educational Resources.

All in all there was a lot of enthousiasm, not only from our presenters, but from the audience as well. Vice President Education Paull Rullmann even let us know:

"I wasn’t able to attend the whole conference,
but what I did hear was very interesting and stimulating.
I’m proud to see what major steps we’ve taken already."

TU Delft Vice President Education, Drs. Paul Rullmann

We’re very happy for all reactions. Thank you for that.

Column by Anka Mulder in Educause Review

In this month edition Anka Mulder has written an column about Open Educational Resources and the Role of the University:

Open Educational Resources (OER) have become an unstoppable development
since MIT started publishing educational resources online as
OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001. Four years ago, the OCW Consortium (http://www.ocwconsortium.org/)
was founded, and more that 250 institutions have since joined. The OCW
Consortium is the largest international OER organization, but there are
many other OER initiatives and organizations. At present, hundreds of
higher education institutions worldwide produce, reuse, and remix
educational materials. The fact that educational content is becoming
more widely available—free and online—leads to the question: What role
will colleges and universities play in the future? Some in higher
education fear that when institutions “give away” their content, the
only added value they have left is certification, turning colleges and
universities from institutions of knowledge into educational
certification factories.


Vote for TU Delft OpenCourseWare courses

EP logo

Education-portal.com is organising a OpenCourseWare People’s Award Choice Awards. 2 Courses of our TU Delft OpenCourseWare are nominated:

Education-Portal.com readers and members of the OCW community have chosen the best of OCW as nominees for the first-ever OCW People’s Choice Awards.

We’re committed to promoting education accessibility and strongly believe in the mission of OCW. We hope that you’ll take the time to familiarize yourselves with any nominees you may not have heard of before you vote. We think you’ll be impressed by what you find.

Voting begins today! Anyone is welcome to vote, so please forward the online ballot on to your colleagues, friends and followers. Winners will be announced August 15 on Education-Portal.com. Follow us on Twitter @EducationPortal to stay informed! 

 The nominated TU Delft courses are:

TU Delft Sanitary Engineering
This course is nominated in the category Best Video Lectures. This course deals with the basic principles and design aspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. This comprises: drinking water supply and treatment, sewerage and wastewater treatment.

Delft Design Guide
This course is nominated in the category Best OER (non-video). The Delft Design Guide presents an overview of product design approaches and methods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.

If you support TU Delft OpenCourseWare, please vote for our courses before August 1stClick here to vote!

Willem van Valkenburg discusses the future of TUDelft OpenCourseWare and how making OER accessible internationally


Understanding OCW Economics: Willem van Valkenburg of the Delft University of Technology and Demand-Driven Open Education:


Willem van Valkenburg

 The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is one of the world’s premier technology and scientific universities. With a long history of e-learning, Delft has recently also become a leader in OpenCourseWare (OCW). Education-Portal.com’s Education Insider spoke with Willem van Valkenburg, part of the Delft e-learning team, about the future of online learning and open education at the university.

Willem van Valkenburg received his master’s degree from the Delft University of Technology. Mr. Valkenburg wrote his thesis on the implementation of e-learning systems within corporate environments, focusing on bridging the gap between end users and the information communication technologies (ICT) themselves. He returned to Delft in 2003 as an e-learning consultant. 



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