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Race Car Aerodynamics added to DUT Racing OpenCourseWare

Every year a multi-discplinary team of 90 students from Delft University of Technology design a new race car to compete in the Formula Student Competition.
The main goal of the team is education: giving prospective engineers the hands-on experience of developing and building an actual race car. Besides that they of course compete with their electronic 4WD car to win the Formula student competition, like they did in 2012 and 2013.

OpenCourseWare partnered with the DUT Racing team to publish a series of courses that show how the basic engineering education in Delft connects to the concrete DUT Racing engineering project.
This year special attention is paid to the aerodynamics of the DUT 14 race car. Dr. ir. Gerrit Elsinga from the Fluid Mechanics department explains the basics of Race Car Aerodynamics in two short video lectures.
Race Car Aerodynamics Part 1
YouTube Preview Image

Click here for Race Car Aerodynamics Part 2

Additionally, a number of courses that apply to the design of the DUT ’14 can be found under the following categories: Chassis, Vehicle Dynamics, Control Systems, Aerodynamics, Powertrain and Electronics.
The related OpenCourseWare, together with a short introduction on the category to which they are related, can be found under ocw.tudelft.nl/dutracing or http://dutracing.nl/explore-the-car/.

10 Years of Creative Commons

5 Years ago TU Delft started publishing educational Resources as OpenCourseWare, under a Creative Commons License. But Creative Commons (providing the license) was around much longer.

The coming 10 days (December 7-16) Creative Commons will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary. That is why Creative Commons will be hosting parties around the world and sharing party favors online for a ten-day delebration, December 7 to 16. Find out more at: http://10.creativecommons.org/

Earn Certificates of Participation

Earlier on we reported on a pilot in which students worldwide can earn a certificate of participation for (among others) two TU Delft OpenCourseWare Courses (being Sanitary Engineering and Solar Cells). The certificates are issued by the OpenCourseWare Consortium in partnership with OpenStudy.

This Monday the initiative went live. So now, everyone in the world will be able to earn Certificates of Participation in TU Delft Sanitary Engineering and TU Delft Solar Cells.

The Open Study Press release:

OpenCourseWare Consortium, 20Million Minds Foundation and Excelsior College to offer certification and college credit for online courses in partnership with OpenStudy

Palo Alto, CA. Global learners studying on open courses offered by the OpenCourseWare Consortium member institutions, the 20 Million Minds Foundation and Excelsior College,now have the opportunity to earn Certificates of Participation and college credit. OCW Consortium members, University of Notre Dame, UC Irvine and TU Delft, will offer the first set of courses. OpenStudy offers open learners a vibrant, award winning community of practice and offers partners next generation assessment based on documented competencies, behavioral profiling and social analytics.

“We are delighted to be working with these innovators in education who realize the potential of  open online courses and who are focused on helping not only high achievers but also at-risk learners. For high school students, this is an opportunity to engage with college level content – and add a credible documentation of engagement, helpfulness and academic competence to their college applications.  For college students it serves the dual purposes of enhancing their performance in a college course and creates a verified e-portfolio for their first job.” says Preetha Ram, CEO of OpenStudy

Open, online courses attract global learners to study together on free content.  OpenStudy’s partners are extending the value of the open course experience by offering Certificate of Participation that not only reports on competencies gained in the course but more importantly, job skills: teamwork, problem solving and engagement.  Together this documentation will increase the employability of learners and address the issue that confronts employers: how does one obtain a reliable report of on the job performance?

The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a non-profit organization of over 300 member universities that has played a leadership role in the development of free online courses.  Twenty million users visit over 20,000 OCW courses annually.  Mary Lou Forward, Director of the OCW Consortium says, “The Certificate of Participation is just what self learners have been asking for: a signal to employers of skills and competencies and a real incentive to keep them engaged with the learning.”

The 20 Million Minds Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to bringing down the cost of textbooks and creating more engaging and effective open educational materials for college students. With their  novel online course, 20MM  is reinventing online textbooks by building social learning communities around static content and giving learners worldwide the opportunity to learn together. “Students who sign up for the certificate will be further incentivized to study through a “pay for performance” model,” announced Dean Florez, former CA State Senator and President of 20 Million Minds. “After completing the course and submitting their grade for the course, students will receive rewards, including cash back and gift cards, to further recognize their success.”

Excelsior College a recognized leader in educational innovation will offer global learners the option of earning college credit after passing an Excelsior examination.  

Certificates are priced starting at $30.

OpenStudy is also integrated with a MOOC offered by MIT OCW, P2PU and Codecademy that launched in mid-October.  Certification is not yet available for this MOOC.

Individuals can register for these courses at www.openstudy.com/courses  Partners plan to roll out additional courses in the following weeks.

About OpenStudy: OpenStudy’s vision is to help learners anywhere anytime.  Their first product, a social learning platform connects over 300,000 learners to each other each month, with over 2000 questions asked each day.  The  SmartScore Assessment engine that powers the  Certificates of Participation was recently released.  Today they offer their innovative assessment to open course providers and to learners worldwide.

Surveys on Open Educational Resources in Dutch Higher Education

* Update: The surveys mentioned below have been closed. Thank you for your participation. 

TU Delft has been been publishing Open Educational Resources since 2007, through http://ocw.tudelft.nl, http://itunesu.tudelft.nl and http://www.youtube.com/tudelft for example.

Since recently SURFfoundation and the Special Interest Group Open Educational Resources (in which TU Delft also participates) have initiated actions to broaden the range of Higher Education institutions that publish and (re)use Open Educational Resources and elevate the Dutch Higher Education towards a nationwide open movement. In this light several students are conducting research into the current state of affairs on Higher Educational resources in the Dutch Higher Education.

Below you will find two surveys for different target audiences.Please feel free to fill them out!

The opinions of Dutch Higher Education students on Open Educational Resources:

"An Open Educational Resource can be described as a single or collective group of learning materials developed by an institution or an individual. The current common used definition of Open Educational Resources is: “Open Educational Resources are digitized materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research”. Open Educational Resources courses are available in different types, from PowerPoint presentation to interactive videos and games.

Your opinion as a student is essential for the Open Educational Resources development in the Netherlands. This survey provides the educational institutions insight in your needs and expectations regarding your educational program.

This survey is developed in collaboration with SURFfoundation and attempts to capture the student’s opinions regarding Open Educational Resources. If you want to have a chance to win €50,-, please submit a valid email-address at the end of the questionnaire.

The participants of this survey will remain anonymous and your email address will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. We thank you for your thoughtful feedback.
This survey will take less than 10 minutes."

The perspective on how Dutch universities and colleges support Open Educational Resources to generate innovative learning, teaching, and assessments: 

"This survey aims to put into perspective how Dutch universities and colleges support Open Educational Resources to generate innovative learning, teaching, and assessments.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are defined as digitized materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research. OER include full courses (syllabus, schedule, assignment, digital library, web-links, and forums), free online textbooks, videos, statistical databases, interactive graphics, and assessments.

This survey consists of 25 questions and will take you an approximate 15-20 minutes to complete. "

TU Delft OpenCourseWare visit in Denmark

UPDATE: VIA University College Denmark is moving ahead with OpenCourseWare quite rapidly. Peter de Moel (Watermanagement, TU Delft) delivered a nice presentation and gave the Danish OpenCourseWare a great push to go ahead in the OpenCourseWare movement!

The Lecture recordings can be found at the VIA OpenCourseWare website. There you will find links towards the first part and second part of the lecture (opens in Windows Medai Player).

Last week VIA University College has become the first Scandinavian member of the OCWConsortium.
TU Delft (Peter de Moel) was invited to present their OCW experiences on 18 November to around 30 VIA teachers at the VIA auditorium in Horsens, Danmark. This invitation was a follow-up of his presentation at the IGIP-SEFI conference in Trnava, Slovakia.

 Introduction by Jan Uwe Wolf, Dean at VIA  TU Delft experiences presented by Peter de Moel

Afterwards workshops were held on:

  • recording lectures with Collegerama/Mediasite
  • using course material from Blackboard or SharePoint for OpenCourseWare.

VIA plans their OCW website ready for official launching in July 2011. Their progress can be followed at www.openviauc.dk .

The presentation of Peter de Moel and the related interview are presented at the VIA website: www.viauc.dk/pressesite/artikler/Sider/via_er_nordens_forste_open_course_ware_institution.aspx (in Danish). The presentation was recorded on video, and will be presented at this website.

  • View the presentation on the TU Delft OpenER Slideshare channel

New Course added: Policy and Decision Models

A new course has been published: Policy and Decision Models (by Dr. Ir. Scott Cunningham) is the second course in the Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA) program of the faculty of TPM. A short desciption:

The course is a survey of models for analyzing and supporting design and decision-making in multi-actor settings. Participants:

  • Will learn to recognize the difference between games and decisions, and will identify their occurrence in public policy.
  • Will be able to apply a principled technique for resolving dilemmas through the appropriate selection of policies.
  • Will learn to formulate, design and communicate games and decisions.
  • Will learn to implement by computer (and otherwise logically analyze) games and decisions.


Open Sessie SURF Onderwijsdagen: We kunnen aan de slag!

SURF Onderwijsdagen

Gisteren is de uitslag van de publieke stemming op ingezonden Open Sessies voor de SURF Onderwijsdagen bekend gemaakt. 855 stemmers hebben 1424 stemmen uitgebracht op de in totaal 50 voorstellen die door de voroselectie heen zijn gekomen.

Ons voorstel "Wat kan OpenCourseWare u opleveren?!" heeft voldoende stemmen opgeleverd om een plekje te veroveren in het definitieve programma van de SURF Onderwijsdagen! We kunnen dus aan de slag!
De sessie staat gepland voor:

Dinsdag 9 november 2010 van 11:30 tot 12:15 uur!

Veel dank aan iedereen die op ons gestemd heeft! En kom dat zien, dinsdag 9 november! En vergeet natuurlijk ook de andere interessante voorstellen niet!

STEM op “Wat kan OpenCourseWare u opleveren?!” voor De Onderwijsdagen 2010

SURF OWD 20109 en 10 november 2010 vinden De Onderwijsdagen weer plaats. Hiervoor heeft de organisatie de oproep gedaan om zelf ideeen of praktijktoepassingen te presenteren in een open sessie. Namens TU Delft OpenCourseWare heb ook ik een voorstel ingediend, welke net als 49 andere voorstellen door de voorselectie heen is gekomen:

STEM op: "Wat kan OpenCourseWare u opleveren?!"

" Wat kan OpenCourseWare u opleveren?!
Bent u benieuwd naar mogelijkheden om het bereik van uw onderwijs te vergroten? In 2007 is de TU Delft gestart met OpenCourseWare, de publicatie van gratis, vrij toegankelijk onderwijsmateriaal via het Internet (http://ocw.tudelft.nl). OpenCourseWare biedt diverse kansen voor kwaliteitsvergroting, marketing en valorisatie van onderwijs. Met u willen wij deze mogelijkheden verkennen, op basis van diverse aansprekende praktijkervaringen van TU Delft docenten."

Sofia Dopper (projectleider OpenCourseWare TU Delft) en ik (Onderwijskundig adviseur en medewerker Bureau OpenER Tu Delft) zullen de sessie leiden.

Inmiddels hebben we binnen de TU Delft als een van de weinige Hoger Onderwijsinstellingen in Nederland al ruime ervaring met OpenCourseWare. We willen die ervaring graag delen. Maar dan moet er wel voldoende op ons voorstel gestemd worden om uit de totale voorselectie van 50 voorstellen een plekje te veroveren op De Onderwijsdagen 2010! Dus aarzel niet langer en STEM tussen 6 en 19 september op ons voorstel!

Hoe kan ik stemmen?
Stemmen kan, door op de website van de SURF Onderwijsdagen uw stemronde te starten. Vervolgens kiest u als thema: Leren in 2011 en als doelgroep HBO/WO. Ons voorstel is dan als 19e in de lijst te vinden.

"Wat kan OpenCourseWare u opleveren?!
Door: Drs. S.M. (Sofia) Dopper, Onderwijskundig adviseur/projectleider OpenCourseWare TU Delft
Doelgroep: HBO/WO

Maar vergeet ook de overige voorstellen niet. U mag 3 stemmen uitbrengen. Alvast bedankt!

New Course Uploaded: Delft Design Guide

TU Delft OpenCourseWare recently published educational materials for Industrial Design Engineers. The course can be found at http://ocw.tudelft.nl/courses/product-design/delft-design-guide/course-home/

"The Delft Design Guide presents an overview OpenCourseWare: Delft Design Guide of product design approaches and methods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.
Product design at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft is regarded as a systematic and structured activity, purposeful and goal-oriented. Due to its complexity, designing requires a structured and systematic approach as well as moments of heightened creativity. In this guide we restrict ourselves deliberately to approaches we teach in Delft. Although we are aware of others, they are not included in this design guide. The design guide is largely based on existing books and articles; where possible we have tried our best to refer to these works in the appropriate form.

The objectives of the Delft Design Guide are threefold:

  1. design students can use it as a ‘first aid’ in their design projects, managing their personal development of becoming a designer;
  2. design tutors can use it as a reference manual to support students in their learning process; and
  3. professional designers can user the design guide as a reference manual to support their design processes. 

Most of the content of the Delft Design Guide is being trained in five bachelor design courses:

  • PO1: Introduction Industrial Design (IO1010, 7,5ects)
  • PO2: Concept Design (IO1050, 7,5ects)
  • PO3: Fuzzy Front End (IO2010, 7,5ects)
  • PO4: Materialization and Detailing (IO2050. 7,5ects)
  • BFP: Bachelor Final project (IO3900, 15ects) 

Remark: the Delft Design Guide presents an overview; short descriptions of approaches and methods. For learning designers it is needed to study more into detail using references mentioned in the guide."

OCW Seminar

Besides the #OCWTUD tweets and Blogposts overview on the seminar, both the slides of all speakers and Collegerama recordings have been added on the OCW website. The OCW Seminar page contains links to all this information.

Just want to check all recordings? Then visit the OpenCourseWare Collegerama page.

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